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Re: Migration to version 9

Open Source Integrators, Daniel Reis
- 27/08/2015 22:20:19
> You would be right if we used submodule. Subtree is different and
> avoids nearly all of what you have there. At least I think. 
You are right, I didn't consider the subtree option.
I'm not familiar with git-subtree, so I did some research, but it points
that it has it's won issues.
For example, it seems that a repo clone becomes a complicated operation
(judging from

Anyway, even assuming that my conclusions above are wrong, most of the
workflows I described would still be valid:
- You would always need the double initial PR.
- Even if no "git submodule update && git push" is needed, you would
still need an extra step to manually rerun the TravisCI tests for the PR
of the topic repo.

The burden for contributors, maintainers and repo cloning still
increases compared to current situation.

I also worry about the zombie repos for abandoned PRs.
I have seen someone mention using an "incubator" repo for new modules.
While I think that the "incubator" idea has a lot of potential for the
community, and have a few ideas to share on that, I'm not sure it's
something that should be introduced in our workflow before it is matured.