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Re: Migration to version 9

Acsone SA/NV, Stéphane Bidoul
- 27/08/2015 14:40:49
On Thu, Aug 27, 2015 at 2:38 PM, Alexandre Fayolle <> wrote:
I'm very dubious about 1 repo per addon.

Moving from Launchpad was a massive amount of work last year. Right now,
doing cross repository changes and monitoring 120 projects is huge pain.

Maybe when the project steering committees have become more mature it
will make sense, but at the current stage of our processes I'm not
willing to go that way.

I'm also afraid of the 1 repo per addon due to the amount of work required. 
In the meantime I'd rather get rid of __unported__ and apply Pedro's
procedure. I'd be happy if we could merge oldstable to stable
periodically, but experience proved that at least for 7->8 branches this
was not practical due to the API ports. We are not done with this yet in
the 8.0 branches, so I don't expect this to be feasible with 9.0 either
in practise.
That new API issue could be alleviated if we require the new API ports to take place on the 8.0 branch only.