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Re: Migration to version 9

Acsone SA/NV, Stéphane Bidoul
- 26/08/2015 18:48:46
On Wed, Aug 26, 2015 at 8:38 PM, <> wrote:
Stephane, I'm not a fan to make git merge over branches in general, so I don't agree with you that it's a big con. A cleaner and less painful process to apply a patch over versions is to cherry-pick corresponding commit (and thanks to merge commits, you also can apply only one for each PR).

git merge has the advantage that you know exactly up to which commit the forward port has been done. And it gives a clean history. Here is an example from Odoo where you see 7.0 merged into saas-3, itself merged on 8.0. Perhaps Odoo can share their merge scripts. I don't know if the same result can be achieved with cherry-picks.

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Frankly if the repository shows clearly which modules are ported and which not (active = False), it's not a big deal to have unported modules at the root of the repository.