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RE: Self-merging rule

Moduon Team, S. L., Rafael Blasco (Moduon)
- 25/08/2015 08:31:36



Creating this rule will not fix the problem and I think a rule like not self-merging it’s going to stop many “welldone!” PRs making the queue of PRs and Issues higher and higher.


For me the first is Quality, so I agree with Maxime: “Anybody can review and put a +1. Having 3 +1 from less experienced contributors does not mean you can merge your own PRs.”


But Maxime is this better than:


-          Let’s say “anybody” (John) make a PR

-          after that 3 more “anybody” make +1 (Jim, Bob and Donna)

-          And now a reviewer like Pedro or Maxime merge it because all rules are satisfied


This situation worse than any self-merging as PR and the 3 +1 were done by anybody as John, Jim, Bob and Donna are non-experienced users.


Furthermore, which is the difference between two cases?



Case A

Case B


Stefan Rijnhart



Jim, Bob and Donna

Jim, Bob and Donna


Stefan Rijnhart

Stefan Rijnhart


Both case Stefan must review PR and determinate if reviews are done by someone we trust.


The responsibility of merging comes if you have the rights of merging. It doesn’t depend in the PR is done by yourself.


My opinion to allow by the moment self-merging if PR has 3 +1


Rafael Blasco