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Re: Self-merging rule

Alexinux, Alexis de Lattre
- 24/08/2015 14:58:14
I agree with Pedro. If you have the right number of reviews, you should 
be able to merge your own PR. The number of commiters is so low that we 
should not put additionnal constraints on merges. This is particularly 
important for OCA projects with very few contributors/developers ; it is 
already not easy to have 2 reviews, so if the second reviewer doesn't 
have commit rights and the author of the PR has it, he should be able to 
merge after the second positive review.

Alexis de Lattre

Le 23/08/2015 14:22, Pedro Manuel Baeza Romero a écrit :
> Hi all,
> I faced some days ago a complaint from Stefan Rijnhart about myself 
> merging one of my PRS when the number of approvals was the appropiate. 
> This is an old OCA rule that was applied on old Launchpad times.
> This rule is not even in the current OCA contributing guidelines 
> (, 
> but he insists on bringing this topic to the mailing list.
> I see no special reason to apply again this rule nowadays, because 
> thanks to the merge button, the task doesn't involve any special risk 
> to screw up things. In Launchpad, there was this risk, as the merge 
> implies some manual operations that can lead to a bad merging, but as 
> I said, today this is not a problem.
> What the others think about this rule?
> Regards.
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