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Re: Odoo to Odoo Connector

Open for Small Business, Graeme Gellatly
- 18/08/2015 01:31:45
For just the selected information you want something like postgres BDR will do it.  It doesn't matter if the information is slightly stale I imagine.

Postgres-XL is a little different more for scaling a single cluster, I think in this case, it is two databases with different information.

Base_synchro is a waste of time IMO.  So many things it doesn't support and so many other modules that break it.  Like deleting a record, or making more than 2 servers play nicely.  Or installing base partner merge or product merge.  And it is hell slow.  Note while my name has vanished from the credits in the port to 8.0, I wrote a lot of stuff for that module in v7.0.  Honestly I wouldn't waste my time with it, it can be made to work, but the ongoing admin effort for anything but the simplest case is a nightmare, the best solution in Odoo is connector.  Especially since you can control precisely what goes where.

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