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Abstract module for exporting invoices

Web-veistämö Oy/Avoin.Systems,
- 12/08/2015 19:54:52

I'm currently planning to create a module for exporting sales invoices to a 3rd party accounting software. After confirming the invoice the user only has to click a "Send" button and the invoice is then transferred to the 3rd party system via SFTP. A cron job then queries two SFTP directories (successful & unsuccessful) and checks if the invoice was successfully saved in the 3rd party system, and updates the export state of the invoice in Odoo.

Does anyone know if there is an abstract base module for exporting invoices into other systems? Like account_bank_statement_import is for importing bank account statements and account_bank_statement_import_ofx is just one implementation of it.

I'm asking this because I _could_ make a single "all-in-one" module that handles everything, but I know there will be a need for other similar integrations in the future. That is why I think there should be a base module for this (eg. account_invoice_export) and modules that depend on the base module (eg. account_invoice_export_vendorX). The base module should at least manage the export states and message logs.

Miku Laitinen