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Re: Add module version numbers guideline

Andrei Levin
- 06/08/2015 11:33:27
Inside our company we use another semantic meaning for last three
numbers, so "x.y.z" is model.code.xml for us. This way we know if
application should be reloaded (like in case of model change) and
module updated, just reloaded (in case of code change), just updated
(in case of xml change). It is very for a production environment where
not always you can tear down the application any time you want.


2015-08-06 11:08 GMT+02:00 Daniel Reis <>:
>> One question, I understand the need for the major version number, but
>> regarding the semantic version number is there any benefit to add such
>> complexity if there is no easy way to download a module in a specific
>> version (git tags, x.y.z.tar.gz) for the user?
> Answered here:
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