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Re: Demo Server for Magento Connector

Xpansa Group, Oleg Kuryan
- 10/06/2015 07:39:31
@Joël, thanks! Will be waiting for news. 

@Guewen, thanks for tips to start. Also I see the question of having sample Magento-Odoo connector demo servers also touches global question on having demo servers for OCA modules. Do we already have draft guidelines on this process or they need to be developed? If there is something you can share, than it will help us to follow the same process and not to invent something new.


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On Wed, Jun 10, 2015 at 10:08 AM, Guewen Baconnier <> wrote:
On 06/09/2015 09:37 PM, Oleg Kuryan wrote:
> Joel,
> We have potential projects on this and it will definitely help us. So
> you can rely on me on this from Xpansa side.
> If someone else will volunteer,  than that will be good.


This dockerfile could be a start for the Magento part:
And this buildout configuration for the Odoo part:

Now remains to write a script to automatically reset the builds and
configure the databases everyday and setup the hosting.

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