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The Chinese Community joins the World Community!

Elico Corp, Eric Caudal
- 16/10/2018 16:23:50
Today, I had a call with Jeff Wang (prominent Chinese community member) with some good news about the Chinese community organization.

They have started to contribute last week-end with a first code sprint (one Saturday) directly in OCA repository, learning how to contribute by migrating some modules from server-tool repository.
With the help of Inspur (new partner of Odoo in the newly signed JV), they plan to have one code sprint per month in different cities in order to train more users and contributors.
Based on local requirements they will first start with simple migration of modules to v12 and will continue with more complex modules and of course Chinese localization.

They will eventually start reviewing other people's PR (they potentially have some very good tech guys) but they need first to learn better how to master the OCA guidelines and need our help for that.
Please try to support them by reviewing their contribution and be patient with their naivete of new comers: training new contributors is the only way to eventually welcome strong reviewers in our rank.
All in all they are happy (and proud) to have broken their first ice and really hope to be able to be soon helpful with new contribution and code review.

Long live the Chinese OCA Community

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