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Re: Request for new PSC guy on OCA/web

Elico Corp, Eric Caudal
- 06/10/2018 17:05:46

Welcome Dennis!

some material to help you dive in:



In short you have the responsibility of the area you are assigned along with the other PSC members:

* check the contributions validity (functionally / technically)

* Discuss and try to resolve questions that might raise between the contributors

* Maintain the repository

* Merge when approved

* Report to the board any important/interesting contribution or discussion

* Once in a while, create a report for the AGA or newsletters about the activity of the repositories


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On 2018-10-05 10:01 PM, Dennis Sluijk wrote:

Thank you Pedro for the nomination, I'm deeply honored. I don't really know what the process is to become a part of the PSC (can somebody send me an url or something, please). But I just want to mention that I really like working on the OCA/web repository as it's IMO mainly focussed on user experience.

I'm a developer which highly cares about the maintainability, and simpleness -- so every developer can understand the code -- of modules. But of course I don't want the user's personal computer to become a personal heating system. I think the quality of a module is not related to the small trivial things but mainly the subjects I stated before. I often see that the modules in OCA have to be pixel perfect to be accepted and think for new contributors it's quite demotivating to contribute anything. The new development staging system presented on the sprint is a really good step into making the community bigger and stronger.

I understand if there's only to be one new OCA/web guy it should be Simone. I just really like to collaborate with the OCA and by so learn a thing with every PR, review or discussion.

Hopefully you all had a fun time at the sprint and / or the Odoo Experience. Viva la OCA :).

Kind regards,

Dennis Sluijk

Van:, "Stéphane" <>
Aan: "Contributors" <>
Verzonden: Vrijdag 5 oktober 2018 16:31:55
Onderwerp: Re: Request for new PSC guy on OCA/web

Hi Simone,

I added you in the Web Maintainers projet. It should be synchronized by tomorrow morning.



On Tue, Oct 2, 2018 at 3:32 PM Simone Orsi <> wrote:

I would like to propose myself ;)

For the ones that don't know me: I work at Camptocamp and I love working on web/website.

I'm also already a PSC member on OCA/website and maintainer of OCA/website-cms.

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