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Re: OCA DMS - possibility to store documents on external storage?

Acsone SA/NV, Laurent Mignon
- 02/10/2023 08:59:57
Hi Radovan,

There is another whole repository that deals with external storage systems - OCA/storage which integrates such systems. But that stores the attachments/documents/images in a way that's not really friendly to the naked eye.

Which branch of the oca/storage repo are you talking about?  Can you elaborate? On branch 160, the new fs_attachment module has been designed to transparently provide the ability to store attachments in a wide range of file systems such as azure, s3, ftp, etc... There are more specialized modules to improve the developer experience when they deal with files into odoo. At the ground you also have the fs_storage module that gives you access to an unified filesytem interface object through the fsspec library. Maybe the PR could take advantage of this approach? Behind these new modules there is a lot of work to lower the resources consumption when dealing with files into Odoo. (for example, the fs_attachement module implements the streaming of the content's files when a user downloads the file even if the file is stored into an external filesystem, ...)