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Re: Development environement

- 23/09/2023 23:37:37
Hola Sylvain..

Before I was looking for the same topic, what I did was install the windows installer that Odoo has on its official website; I installed it on my windows 10. Configure and connect the vs Code to the folder; To develop the modules there was no problem, the details were to see the changes, what I did was try to restart the service in Windows; and I used the Odoo Google Chrome extension to update the module that made changes, and it worked perfectly; To debug code, what I did was filter the Odoo log and review it.
Maybe there is other easy way. But it worked for me


El sáb, 23 sept 2023 a las 13:37, Sylvain Caron (<>) escribió:

My name is Sylvain.

I would like to know about creating an Odoo local environment, because I want to be more efficient in the development of the modules, than on
I can already launch my server with Odoo, Odoo enterprise and my custom_addons.

However I have other problems like updating the code live, I have to constantly restart the server. I saw that there were default parameters for development like: --dev=reload using the "watchdog" lib, except that after 2 3 refresh the server shuts down.

I have already used and its editor, and Python recompiles well with each change, so this is doable

Same for Owl components, I find it crazy that in 2023 there is no auto refresh, so I am looking for the most optimized solution for Odoo module development.

Do you have an installation guide for local development?
The development by Docker is perhaps simpler?

Some additional information:

I am on windows
VScode, and I'm using vscode launch.js configs for Odoo server

Thanks in advance


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