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12.0 OCA branches creation

Tecnativa. S. L., Pedro M. Baeza
- 25/09/2018 19:53:08
Dear contributors,

As every year, at OCA we are preparing our repositories for the welcome of the new v12 version. As part of this preparation, we need to create a new branch for each repository, called in this case "12.0" for following conventions. I'm going to perform the operation this Wednesday, 27th of September.

Odoo doesn't have yet the 12.0 branch, nor it's going to be ready for OCA code sprint that is going to be celebrated on the 1st and 2nd of October, so we are going to create OCB 12.0 branch from current saas-11.5 branch, which is going to be the future 12.0, and start the synchronization on it, and we will switch afterwards to the main one. Branch creation script reverses OCB build line ( to be the first to be checked for having a working runbot during these days. But for Travis, we will have red one of the 2 TESTS builds until v12 arrival. We can safely merge if the OCB one is correct.

The method followed is going to be the same as previous year:
  • Create empty 12.0 branch.
  • Create metafiles (.travis.yml and from 12.0, adapting them to have the proper data for this version.
  • Make 12.0 default branch.
You can refer to last year mail for knowing some of the advantages of this method over the previous one:

However, there are some repositories (queue, connector and mis-builder that I'm aware of) that prefer to keep full commit history while creating the branch, and mark manifest as installable=False. If you are the PSC of a repository, and you decide that you want to preserve it, please tell me for not activating the method on that ones. I personally encourage not to do it, specially on more generic ones, for having the same cleanup we had on v11.

We also have ready the migration wiki page for assisting on the technical process or giving some detected hints about the changes to be done:

If you discover any other hint, please put an issue in that repo for us to add it on the wiki (sadly there's no possibility of doing a PR of a wiki page yet).