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PyCon Canada - 10-13 November

Open for Small Business, Rebecca Gellatly
- 24/09/2018 10:44:26
Hello Contributors, 

The OCA is sponsoring PyCon Canada in Toronto (10th -13th November), as part of our sponsorship we receive 1 conference pass.

We would like to get an idea from our community who would be interested in participating on behalf of the OCA at this event. Please respond on this list.

Things to be aware of:
  • the OCA is ONLY able to pay for the registration/sponsorship and marketing
  • we are NOT able to pay to for transportation and accommodation
  • please keep the above points in mind in making your interest known

The OCA gives preference to local OCA delegates and members. 

On behalf of the Board, we look forward to hearing from you.


Rebecca Gellatly
General Secretary
Odoo Community Association