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Re: Configure Odoo outgoing emails to use a fixed "from" address

- 19/09/2018 02:10:14

Should be possible without any extra module by setup the from address in email templates (and probably subtype for notification) but the following module will certainly make your life more easy :

Almost every part of Odoo is overridable then even if the previous module doesn't work properly, your request is not difficult to implement with a custom module.

Best regards

Le mer. 19 sept. 2018 à 05:32, Daniel Reis <> a écrit :

Hi all,


I haven’t done a proper research on this yet (sorry for that), but I’m hoping someone might have a straight answer:


I need Odoo to use a SMTP mail server that does not allow to send emails from addresses other than the account logged to the SMTP server.

In other words, if I configure the outgoing SMTP to connect using, the mail server will only accept mail messages with in the “From” field.


Is this possible / configurable?


Thanks in advance

Daniel Reis


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