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OCA Days Talk Proposals - submissions close Friday 15th September

Open for Small Business, Rebecca Gellatly
- 15/09/2023 06:36:45
Hi everyone,

As you know OCA Days 2023 is coming up on the 6 + 7 November.
We are very much looking forward to seeing those who can make it in Liège.

You can still register here

I wanted to remind people that the last day for talk submissions is today - Friday 15th September. Share your ideas here.

We will accept a broad range of proposals:

  • presentations on different modules/ module updates
  • community project
  • trainings/tutorials
  • case studies
  • implementations
  • great discussion topics
As long as the presentation is interesting and potentially useful to the audience, it will be considered for inclusion in the programme.

When submitting a talk please put at the end of the talk title if it is a functional or technical talk.

New for 2023 - Functional track.

This year, we'll also host a functional track as well as our standard track. We would like to promote some topics and encourage experts to propose their talks to help functional  participants feel more integrated into the OCA.

In the functional room we would like to give the opportunity for good discussions too - one person proposes a topic, gives his understanding and then it's more of a practice and ideas exchange moment.

When submitting your functional talk please as mentioned above, let us know it is functional and also whether it is to be a presentation, training or discussion.

Here are some examples of topics that will certainly interest functional profiles:

  • How to contribute to the OCA as a functional?

  • How to navigate Github as a functional?

  • How to use Weblate and why it is useful?

  • How to use the runboat and test every OCA module easily?

  • Presentation of must-have OCA modules from a functional perspective

  • Any other topic that you think could help functional get more engaged into the OCA community

If you feel up to it, whether you have a technical or functional profile, please help us make the OCA Days interesting for functional roles! We'll have 30min, 45 min and  60min slots available.

We can't wait to see what our community has to share for 2023!

Have a great weekend everyone.

Rebecca Gellatly
General Secretary
Odoo Community Association