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Re: Portal - dealer functionality

Bloopark Systems GmbH & Co. KG, Jens Holze
- 31/07/2018 13:03:01
Hi Tom,

We have some more complex scenarios implemented into odoo for dealers. I don’t know is it’s similar but if you want, I can show you some things in a hangout. 


Jens Holze

Tom Blauwendraat <> schrieb am Di. 31. Juli 2018 um 14:32:

Does anyone have any experience with "Dealer portal" functionality in
Portal of 10.0+?

In the standard portal functionality, a customer can see his own orders
/ invoices etc
But our customer wants certain of his dealers to be able to login and
place orders for themselves and also see/modify several objects
belonging to the customers that they control

Is anyone aware of either some modules or native functionality that can
support this use case, before starting custom development?


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