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Config update of project Intrastat

Alexinux, Alexis de Lattre
- 26/07/2018 09:09:09
I would need a configuration update of the "intrastat" OCA project. As you know, this project has been started my Luc de Meyer and me in July 2015, to set the basis for an ambitious country-independant basis for intrastat reporting. It is completed by country-specific modules available in several localisations (for example

We would need someone that can reconfigure the repo to do the following update :
1) Give write access to Luc de Meyer (
2) Give us access to the Settings tab of the repo (like I have for other repos such as donation or vertical-abbey)
3) Remove the lock "At least 1 approving review is required by reviewers with write access.", which is not a good idea for a repo that have so few contributors with write access.

This will allow several important fixes to be merged (they are currently blocked because of this bad configuration).

Thanks in advance !

Alexis de Lattre
Akretion France - 35B rue Montgolfier - 69100 Villeurbanne - France
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Mobile : +33 6 99 08 92 45