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MRP cost calculation

Elico Corp, Eric Caudal
- 19/07/2018 02:25:32


Back in the days (in v8.0), there was OdooMRP initiative to calculate the cost of production and the corresponding AA in order to get a PL for the specific MO or product.

I checked current v10.0 or v11.0 branch and could not see anything similar: is there anything valuable I could use as a start for this kind of requirement?

Target is v11.0.

Objective is to calculate the cost of finished goods based on actual raw material consumption, including sub-contracting services (mrp_production_service). I do not need the manpower in my particular case because this is subcontracting but we should consider extensions.

I see 2 outputs:

* Cost to be updated in the finished product

* AA lines created with the corresponding concepts

Thanks for your help

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