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Moving transation platform to Weblate

Tecnativa. S. L., Pedro M. Baeza
- 13/06/2018 19:46:00
Hi all,

At the OCA code sprint in Sevilla, Spain, we have being finishing the infrastructure tools for using Weblate as the translation platform for all the OCA modules.

Weblate is an open source project for collaborative translations, which is inline with the philosophy of OCA itself (which Transifex isn't), and can be self-hosted.

Acsone's guys Stéphane Bidoul and Benjamin Willig have worked hard for having these tools during the previous days of the code sprint and in the code sprint itself.

We have to thank also to Vauxoo's team for a previous work on the topic.

Now we are in the transitioning phase of one system to another, so I beg you a bit of patience during this process. For now, we have disabled all the projects in Transifex for being able to synchronize everything in GitHub, for later to dump everything into Weblate.

We will send more information about the new platform, as well as update documentation in Website and other source soon.

Thanks and apologies for the inconveniences.