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RE: Mail history in Odoo via Outlook/Gmail API for CRM purposes

Moduon Team, S. L., Rafael Blasco (Moduon)
- 29/08/2023 22:31:20

Hello Alexis,


We use it since v14 natively both, Gmail an Office365


Maybe some features are Enterprise but base is CE



Rafael Blasco

Moduon Team



De: Alexis de Lattre <>
Enviado el: martes, 29 de agosto de 2023 19:02
Para: Contributors <>
Asunto: Mail history in Odoo via Outlook/Gmail API for CRM purposes


Dear OCA friends,
One of my customers insists on having all the emails exchanged with a
customer/prospect in Odoo, which is a standard feature of all serious
CRMs. In Odoo, this is a native feature : you should send your emails
from Odoo and the answer will come back to Odoo, so that you will have
the full history of emails in the chatter. But, in real life, nobody
wants to use Odoo as its mailbox. Salesmen want to use their
Outlook/Gmail/... to send emails to customers. And the mail stack of
Odoo is such a nightmare, that "the less I use it the better" !
I made a little research, and it seems that, nowadays, CRM software
(Hubspot for example) use the APIs of Gmail and Outlook 365 to get the
emails of the employees and copy them to the CRM.
In this presentation of the Outlook 365 API [1], in the Youtube video
at the top of the page, they talk precisely about using the API for
this specific CRM scenario (start watching at 1:00 minute).
Are you aware of any opensource Odoo module using the Gmail API [2]
and/or Outlook 365 API [1] to copy the emails sent/received to a
customer/prospect in the chatter of the partner/lead in Odoo ? So far,
I haven't found any...
If not, what you point of view on such a feature ? Would you be
interested to work on a prototype with me ?
Alexis de Lattre
Akretion France - 27 rue Henri Rolland - 69100 Villeurbanne - France
Mail :
Mobile : +33 6 99 08 92 45