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Re: New repository request: OCA/risk-management

Komit Consulting, Jean-Charles Drubay
- 13/04/2018 20:09:55

Could you share some high level presentation of the modules?

I guess you have some features like average time to pay invoices since due date , total receivable, maybe some other  risk kpi... Then some userExceptions when a customer  crossed limits when confirming SO, or when confirming delivery orders. 

If so, I agree that it should be out of partner contact repo which seems to focus on address book management. 

On Apr 13, 2018 23:32, "Pedro M. Baeza (Tecnativa)" <> wrote:
We have currently a set of modules for managing the financial risk in customers in OCA/partner-contact, with the names partner_financial_risk_*.

We are going to migrate them to v11, and I think we should isolate them on a new repository with this name, that can host also other risk management modules.

What do you think?


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