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RE: Better contribution recognition

Moduon Team, S. L., Rafael Blasco (Moduon)
- 12/04/2018 15:01:09

+1 Holger IMHO



De: Holger Brunn []
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Asunto: Re: Better contribution recognition


> Maybe there other good ideas out there.
> What would you suggest the OCA to do?
I'm musing for a long time about something I call OCA karma.
In a very rough version you'd start out with +10 when you submit your
CLA. For every PR you open, you lose a karma point, for every
review/merge you get one. When your karma is zero, you can't open new
PRs (and maybe existing ones are demoted somehow). Or we could order PRs
by current karma of the author.
Sounds simple enough, but there are quite some complications: There are
PRs which actually should increase karma (greenifying PRs mostly;
hotfixes), how to avoid sick incentives (If we for example give extra
karma for merging a PR, people might get sloppy and merge prematurely),
how to deal with bullshit reviews made just for increasing one's own
karma? Do issues have an effect on karma and if yes, which? How to make
the above less single minded technical?
But I think above complications can be worked out if a few people look
into it. This should also have some kind of decay, so that people like
me can't sit on previous work for years.
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