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Re: Better contribution recognition

Vauxoo, Nhomar Hernández
- 05/04/2018 10:14:16

I do have some slippery slope arguments here, but I see the point.
Especially looking through big repositories, sometimes also very
unpleasant discussions with contributors disagreeing with your decisions
as a maintainer, is quite serious work that I actually wouldn't want to
do for money more often than a few hours per month.

This could be a last resort option for repos like web. You can't do this
properly next to your daytime job. But also here, we first need a fair
assessment/measurement of whom we trust to be a good person for this
position. I don't think a new hire who has never worked with Odoo or
contributed to the OCA is a good candidate here.

​My point is that I manage the priority of my team around objectives, with paid resources you can set such objectives, maybe a big refactor is necessary?, then it can be done properly, with your guidance.

With the experience working inside Odoo itself I understood the difference between "try to do t well" and "actually close the gap and get things done"...

Honestly have smart people that win their positions and being evaluated for what they are actually doing and being paid for is the clearest way to demonstrate seriousness.

​>> Other idea is to hire some weekly hours from known community members. Sometimes if we don't contribute more is because our paying customers obviously have priority, but if OCA were one, it'd get the same priority.

About this, I do not like too much this Idea because this will mixup several things, I prefer even dedicated resources from different partners if you wish, but "dedicated ones" at the end of the day the leadership will help better, the problem with the part time is that there is always an excuse of no get things done.

​There are a ton of good people out there living from freelancing things thn the OCA can give them a platfor for stabilization also (thinking aloud about the social help we can give).​

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Holger Brunn - Ontwerp en implementatie

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