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Re: Better contribution recognition

Tecnativa. S. L., Jairo Llopis
- 04/04/2018 10:18:13

2018-04-04 8:01 GMT+01:00 Holger Brunn <>:
you can't open new
PRs (and maybe existing ones are demoted somehow)
I wouldn't complicate the entry barrier even further. I'm always surprised in code sprints that for most new contributors the biggest difficulty is git itself.

In a normal open source community, the community members welcome contributions, don't block them.

The karma thing is good as long as its purpose is to incentivate collaboration, but without embarassing others.

2018-04-03 14:32 GMT+01:00 Daniel Reis <>:
Some ideas are:
   → Show a Contributor Statistics page on the OCA Website

Sounds good
   → Have a “Thank You” GitHub bot?

If we need a robot to say thank you, then we have a serious problem... 😂

Jairo Llopis