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Warehouse capacity / stock bin location

InitOS GmbH, Katja Matthes
- 09/03/2018 11:49:12
Dear Community,

currently I'm dealing with the question how to determine the free 
capacity in a warehouse/stock location. In my concrete case the customer 
wants to know how many places for pallets are currently not in use in 
his warehouse.

I've already done a research (Odoo-Code-Search, Google, OCA Github 
repositories for stock adjustments, Odoo Apps), but couldn't find 
anything helpful.

Do you know any interesting module or approach that is worth investigating?
I like to extend a existing solution instead of reinvent the wheel.


P.S: I already send my question to the logistics mailing list. But there 
was no reaction yet and I'm kind of confused that the logistic mailing 
list seems to have only one member at all.

Dipl.-Inform. Katja Matthes
Projektmanagerin Softwareentwicklerin

initOS GmbH