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Question about Module Structure

- 22/02/2018 16:37:02
Dear OCA Members,
Dear OCA Steering Commitee,
Dear OCA Board,

I've tried on several occasions to work with OCA repos, but it somehow doesn't fit any simple, easy to remember development and upstream-commit workflow I've been able to come up with.

In despair, I tried to do a PoC of a one-module-one-repo structure

There is a extremely useful tool called git subrepo (combinable with git subhistory) I've found to be the perfect solution for the problem to incorporate upstream modules in own code, do improvements with close to 0 changes to your normal workflow and just git subrepo push to upstream those chages transparently and cleanly.

Problem is that doesn't work out of the box with topic repositories, so it basically breaks my ideally perfect workflow and then again going the extra mile is often too cumbersome in the heat of the battle.

If we would have one-module-one-repo the contributing workflow becomes as simple as that:
...Using hub by github (

hub fork
git subrepo clone foo
# do some commits touching module foo within my current working dir
git subrepo push
hub pull-request
> Pull request created:

Wouldn't that be something that's worth evaluating to boost contribution and ease of adaption?

I'm principally very in favor of the OCA iniciative, but honestly contributing has those (solvable) hurdles and gets rather cumbersome (for the new generation of iphone-ux-socialized programmers).

Let me know what you think about, I'd be happy to more closely integrate our development efforts with OCA one's.

And if there are concerns about code organization, I guess since github allowed for topics this can be easily replicated with using topic filters:

Best Regards,

David A.
Gerente General
+57 (315) 304 13 68
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