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Re: OCA Module Visibility in the Odoo App Store

Tecnativa. S. L., Pedro M. Baeza
- 16/02/2018 13:04:23
Thanks for your predisposition to work on this, Frank!

We already have a README template that is very completed in, but it can be improved if you consider it.

What other things do you think that can be improved?


2018-02-16 13:02 GMT+01:00 Frank Schellenberg <>:

I would like to improve OCA module visibility in the Odoo App Store.


For many Odoo Users and Odoo Potential Customers this is a place to look for available functionality.


Though OCA provides testing scripts and procedures to review Code, technically. It doesn’t do much checks on that part.

With new Odoo App Guidelines (See email I received the 18th of January 2018, pasted below) in place I believe it could be opportune to pick up the visibility of the OCA work.


I would like to help with this.

From a single module to making an OCA template for designing art work and documentation.


@All: Thoughts?


Gr Frank




Van: []
Verzonden: 18 January 2018 14:27
Onderwerp: Let's improve the Apps Store - Apps Review


Dear App Publishers,

We hope this email finds you well. Back in December we shared with you our vision for the future of the Odoo Apps Store, including building more customer trust (claims, reimbursement process), improving services to vendors and differentiating the apps with more transparency and quality checks.

We also announced the first wave of App reviews based on the new automatic scoring system, which will arrange the apps in order of ranking. As a reminder, every app page of the store has been reviewed and scored based on 5 criteria, and depending on the score received, the app page will be displayed higher or lower in the default App listing.

To summarize: 
only 5/5 apps, fully complying with the Guidelines, can appear at the top of the default search.

Below you'll find the 5 criteria:

·         The module has no icon

·         The module has no cover image (thumbnail)

·         License is not set in the module manifest

·         The module has a rating that is quite poor (lower than 3)

·         The module has a non-html description (like rst for example), as we'd like to promote beautiful descriptions

The tie breaker between apps with the same score remains the best sellers.

Please take a moment to read the above criteria and review your App pages accordingly. Upon connecting to your App Store Account and visiting the description page of each of your apps, you should see your score, if you didn't reach 5 out of 5,  and the elements that require amendments for your ranking to improve.


Thank you for all your work.

Kind regards,

Cécile Collart
Content Marketer at Odoo


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