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Re: Proposing to add ansible-odoo project to OCA umbrella

ForgeFlow, S.L., Jordi Ballester Alomar
- 25/01/2018 10:48:35
Thanks Sébastien,

I discussed about this possibility with Jairo from Tecnativa, and he also concluded that it would be a nice move. Because it makes the install process clean and uniform, irrespective of what platform you want to use (Docker, bare metal, LXC,...).

A nice move would be to have an ansible-odoo role that is used by Tecnativa's Doodba :D

On Thu, Jan 25, 2018 at 11:32 AM, Sébastien Alix <> wrote:
Thank you Jordi to promote ansible-odoo and to propose our project to OCA!
As I said in a private email I'm always in favor to contribute to OCA if 
there are enough people interested in this project.

I'm thinking that with some improvements this role could also be used to 
build a Docker image by executing it in a Docker file if needed.


Le 24/01/2018 à 14:31, Jordi Ballester Alomar a écrit :
> Dear OCA contributors, > > Over the last weeks I have been exposed to a very nice DevOps project > consisting of a method to install Odoo using Ansible > ( > > I found that Osiell, one of the most reputable Odoo integrators, has > been maintaining an Ansible role called 'ansible-odoo' >, that allows one to very easily > install Odoo  8, 9, 10 or 11 and associated modules of your choice in > Ubuntu or Debian, using three install types: > - Standard > - Buildout (see > - Pip (see > > > Sébastién Alix prepared a nice document about it here: > > > The project contains loads of tests in Travis, that ensure that the > install is good, for the given odoo install types, odoo versions, and > Ubuntu/Debian versions. See > > I would like to propose that Osiell brings this project to the OCA > repositories. > > The benefits would be: > *  For Integrators to have a high quality bullet-proof tool to install > Odoo and OCA/third party modules, and a solid configuration management tool. > *  For Customers, reducing the risk of errors/downtime thanks to > adopting a standarized approach. > *  For Developers, to facilitate the reproducibility of customer > environment on VM's or containers (LXC, Docker). > * For Osiell, to bring more people onboard to the project, helping them > to increase the quality, reduce (partly) the mainteinance burden from > their side. > > I would like to propose Sébastien Alix ( as > Leader of this repository. > > I have also been looking at other methods to install Odoo using Docker, > such as Tecnativa's Doodba > (, and they are also > great. But I will write about it on a separate email. > > -- > Jordi Ballester Alomar > CEO & Founder | Eficent > (+34) 629530707 |
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