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Re: enhanced wikipedia page

by Xavier Brochard <> - 12/01/2018 11:22:05
The draft was rejected again by Wikipedia (Tom's improvement were not yet on 
wikipedia). The main reason is notability and reference.
The reviewer left me this additional comment :
"References to blogs and niche online sources do not constitute widespread 
media coverage."
So we need better references. I have some from CNET and ZDNET but in french 


Le mercredi 10 janvier 2018, 22:56:33 CET Tom Blauwendraat a écrit :

> Yes i left out the references, but i think if we mix my text with your

> references we can be a long way. Lets wait for comments from other

> contributors.


> Op 10 jan. 2018 9:55 PM schreef "Xavier Brochard" <>:

> > Your version is very good, far better than mine.

> > 

> > 2 things :

> > I would extend OCB explanations but it can be done later.

> > Don't forget to keep some references that are outside OCA (they are

> > required).