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Re: Vertical Rental Migration to Version 16.0

InitOS GmbH, Frederik Kramer
- 14/08/2023 09:00:13

I suggest that Olaf Wagner (Elegosoft) and / or Ben Brich (Humanilog), both German folks can step in here for discussion and guidance. If i remember well the discussion on the relation between sale_rental and vertical_rental has been held already quite a while ago and the latter has been deliberately contributed as a result of that discussion. But surely Ben and Olaf know more about the history here. In any case contribitions are always warmly appreciated Yorlys.

Best Frederik

Am 14.08.23 um 08:51 schrieb Radovan Skolnik:

One more note here: there is very similarly looking and actively maintained module here: It seems it's missing few features present in additional modules present in vertical-rental so maybe a discussion on how to proceed here would be in place.

Best regards


On pondelok 14. augusta 2023 1:47:24 CEST Yorlys Jose Oropeza Escalona wrote:

> Hello, my name is Yorlys Oropeza.


> I'm from Venezuela.


> I am software developer in the python language, I work in a consultant

> company with odoo. Likewise, I have three years working with python and

> odoo, in development custom modules, connection with different API in odoo

> and others related with odoo development.


> Furthermore, I hope to knowledge more about odoo development making more

> secure, stable and easier to use.


> I'm a person open to get more knowledge and learning to fast for adapting to

> new challenges, personally I like challenges and get new knowledge.




> I want to migrate the module rental_base of the team Vertical Rental, for

> dispose this module to a new version 16.0, and so other clients or users

> benefit or used this module in this version 16.0 and in other new versions


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