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Re: Vertical Rental Migration to Version 16.0

Data Dance s.r.o., Radovan Skolnik
- 14/08/2023 08:39:08


any help is welcome. You can read on migration to 16.0 here: If you follow it setp by step it should be fine. Before migrating module always check for existence of prior PR migrating the same module. But in this case there is none so you're good to go.

Best regards

    Radovan Skolnik

On pondelok 14. augusta 2023 1:47:24 CEST Yorlys Jose Oropeza Escalona wrote:

> Hello, my name is Yorlys Oropeza.


> I'm from Venezuela.


> I am software developer in the python language, I work in a consultant

> company with odoo. Likewise, I have three years working with python and

> odoo, in development custom modules, connection with different API in odoo

> and others related with odoo development.


> Furthermore, I hope to knowledge more about odoo development making more

> secure, stable and easier to use.


> I'm a person open to get more knowledge and learning to fast for adapting to

> new challenges, personally I like challenges and get new knowledge.




> I want to migrate the module rental_base of the team Vertical Rental, for

> dispose this module to a new version 16.0, and so other clients or users

> benefit or used this module in this version 16.0 and in other new versions


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