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Re: Overtime calculation in Odoo 15 and OCA

by "Holger Brunn" <> - 14/08/2023 07:49:26
Hi all,


> This is a module which generates the missing pseudo attendances (with

> hr.attendance.reason) for working days without attendances I already saw

> that Holger pushed something similar as draft but in the PR is also code

> which overwrites other places not everyone might want. Also our testing

> took a bit longer. I hope this isn't a problem for you Holger?

not at all, if this already fixes your problem, and everyone agrees duration 0 
attendances are no problem (I think so), I'll just remove the missing days 
code from my PR and use yours for that instead.
In the end I just want an agreed on OCA solution for overtime.

Best regards,

Your partner for the hard Odoo problems