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Re: MIS-Builder: 8.0 Question

Acsone SA/NV, Stéphane Bidoul
- 04/12/2017 12:15:13
Yes please open an issue or a PR.

The backport from 9.0 is not on our agenda for now.

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On Mon, Dec 4, 2017 at 1:12 PM, Mathias Francke <> wrote:

we have a problem with the MIS Builder for Odoo 8. When we want to use the method get_pdf() using the new API an error occurs because the wrapper has a function pointer pointing to None.

For testing purposes I added the new API definition of that method to the MIS Builder Code which fixed the problem.

So my question now is: "Would it make sence to fix it and create a merge request in the current state?" (Because as written on the 8.0 branch readme you are working on a backport from 9.0).

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