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RE: Proposing Dorin Hongu as PSC of Romanian Localisation

by Mihai FEKETE <> - 16/11/2017 09:08:14

Hi Pedro,

By now, he doesn’t have any PR to the OCA, initial project of Romanian localization was a guidance to the modules that needs to be ported under OCA umbrella, he had some PR’s in the main repo ( and also he migrate to v9 and v10 some of the modules in I agree it is not the best way of collaboration, but since I am the only person in PSC, it might help to have a second reviewer as PSC, and one other’s maintainer for the 3rd review.


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From: Pedro M. Baeza (Tecnativa) []
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Can you please point to his PRs in OCA/l10n-romania?



2017-11-16 7:17 GMT+01:00 Mihai FEKETE <>:

Dear OCA contributors,


I would like to propose Dorin Hongu, ( ) as PSC member of Romanian Localisation ( ).

His contributions in the last years have been very significant, even that not all the initial project ( ) is ported to OCA.

Dorin will certainly dedicate his time to review/guide new contributions in Romanian Localisation, and I think will help the project to evolve.



Mihai Fekete


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