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Auto reloading widgets?

by "" <> - 15/11/2017 10:20:38
Hi all,

I have implemented a function where heavy tasks are performed in jobs using the queue_job module. When a job finishes, it updates a record in which I have a progressbar widget. I thought it would be nice if the progressbar was updating itself in the view when its value is changed in the database. Do any of you know if such a widget could exist? I found this topic on Github which talks of the auto_refresh feature which won't be implemented :

But here it would more be tied to one particular widget instead of the whole view. For now the user has to reload the record in order to see the change. This could be useful in several places. Right now I can think of the mass mailing updating the number of sent items for instance, but I'm sure we could have other scenarios for which this could be a nice addition.


Emanuel Cino