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Re: Performance issues for all users in Odoo 9 when a single user creates a heavy request

Camptocamp SA, Joël Grand Guillaume
- 13/11/2017 13:05:44
Hi Jordi, 

A recent talk with Fabien teach me that in their case, they always put enough ram on the server to allow to load the whole DB in ram! With the proper postgresql setup, It seems to indeed improve a lot this issue.

Otherwise, we also had several time to split the report printing in several smaller reports to avoid such issue. 

Hope this helps, 


Le 9 nov. 2017 18:32, "Jordi Ballester Alomar" <> a écrit :
Dear contributors,

We have often found a problem of performance that starts when a user triggers a heavy request - e.g. executing a long, heavy accounting report - this seems to be negatively impacting to the performance of other users. 

I would appreciate if someone can help me to get to know a bit more what can be the possible cause of this. Performance issue in Postgres? In Odoo?

We are putting together various performance metrics to better understand the potential causes according to the various Odoo performance guidelines that Odoo has been publishing in the past.


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