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Re: Odoo Scrummer - run your projects by Scrum in Odoo

InitOS GmbH, Frederik Kramer
- 12/11/2017 12:23:18
Hi all, 

again awesome that we gonna have an agile methods repository. 

From a scientific perspective (sorry but i have been working to long in
that arena) the origin of Scrum is more the best of all prior agile
methods such as extreme programming and lean rather than an entirely
new self-containing approach (at least i understand it as such, having
read much about it and having tried a bit of it in practise). 

As you most probably know, the originators of XP for instance (e.g.
Kent Beck) were also among the early signers of the agile manifesto. 

If you look into practice you see that most companies that claim to
have adopted Scrum do something commonly named ScrumBut, because they
leave out bits and pieces of the method and tweak others to fit their

However, Scrum and Lean already have and are of of increasing
popularity. Having said this i would also be absolutely advocating for
a repository structure that consists of 

project (maybe rename that to classic, to keep all the classic project
management assets)

and put a module project_agile_scrum as a concrete module underneath
this repository project-agile whereas a module called
project_agile_base also exists that could contain things that are
mostly generic about "agile" methods and could be inherited by a
hypothetical module project_agile_xp or project_agile_lean

We should also consider that as Odoo continuously goes more upstream
and permeates corporate structures there will most probably be a demand
to jointly use of classical and agile methods as well as a multi-
project management in the future. Many many industry heavyweights use
for instance GPM, Prince2 or PmBok (all classical methos) in
correlation with agile methods already.

Kind regards


Am Sonntag, den 12.11.2017, 11:02 +0000 schrieb Daniel:
> Hello all,
> We should create one repository "project-agile", to host modules
> related to Agile methodologies.
> Right now, this repo will be mostly focused on Scrum features,
> because the main driver will be Igor and his team, and that is their
> current focus.
> However, features that are not Scrum related will also be welcome in
> the repo.
> To have a dedicated repository, a topic needs to reach some critical
> mass or momentum. 
> Right now we don't to meeting this criteria on several Agile
> methodologies, and so it is too soon the perform such a split.
> Of course this could change, and if in the future some particular
> Agile approach builds up significant activity, we can consider split
> the repo to a specific one, such as "project-agile-xp" or "project-
> agile-scrum".
> But for now, we should have a single "oca\project-agile" repo, to add
> to the list of the Project PSC repos:
>   - oca\project
>   - oca\project-reporting
>   - oca\contract
> Regards
> Daniel
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