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Re: Odoo Scrummer - run your projects by Scrum in Odoo

Open Source Integrators, Daniel Reis
- 12/11/2017 09:55:38

Hello all,

We should create one repository "project-agile", to host modules related to Agile methodologies.

Right now, this repo will be mostly focused on Scrum features, because the main driver will be Igor and his team, and that is their current focus.
However, features that are not Scrum related will also be welcome in the repo.

To have a dedicated repository, a topic needs to reach some critical mass or momentum. 
Right now we don't to meeting this criteria on several Agile methodologies, and so it is too soon the perform such a split.

Of course this could change, and if in the future some particular Agile approach builds up significant activity, we can consider split the repo to a specific one, such as "project-agile-xp" or "project-agile-scrum".
But for now, we should have a single "oca\project-agile" repo, to add to the list of the Project PSC repos:
  - oca\project
  - oca\project-reporting
  - oca\contract