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Re: Odoo Migration Hackday at bloopark

Bloopark Systems GmbH & Co. KG., Jens Holze
- 07/11/2017 18:03:23
Hi Maxime, 

The current plan is to have two days from Thursday next week and the Friday. 

It’s spontaneous I know and yes. We have some specific goals because of the project we have. But the thoughts behind this event are to participate and give value back to the community. 

If people would like to join us in the office it’s also possible. We have two small hotel rooms in our office when they could stay :)

Otherwise we want to have a hangout or video call in the morning to organize the work. Everyone can pick what he wants. We know exactly which modules we want to focus on. After this initial call we could launch a chat that all event people can stay updated or we leave the hangout open. 

FYI I don’t work on Wednesday and will reply day later. 

Have a nice evening. 

@frederik sounds good. But let’s do this later. We have a strong time table this year and we have to migrate a project with over 70 custom modules and 400k lines of custome code ^^

Next year maybe :)


Maxime Chambreuil <> schrieb am Di. 7. Nov. 2017 um 16:18:
Hello Jens,

Can you send the event info: location, date and time, topics to so I can add it on

I will also need the Bloopark logo in a vector format (svg or eps)?

Thank you!

O: 1.855.877.2377 EXT. 710
M: 602.427.5632
P.O. BOX 940, HIGLEY, AZ 85236

On Tue, Nov 7, 2017 at 8:31 AM, Jens Holze <> wrote:
Dear Community,

first of all, we are happy to support the OCA as a gold sponsor and hopefully on a lot of coming events as well. 

Because we have a lot of freedom in one of our biggest odoo projects, we plan to have a OpenUpgrade hack-day to continue with the stuff we started before the odoo experience event. We will have around 5 developers in the team and maybe some of you guys want to join. 

It would be really nice of someone can join, even remote. We could also setup a chat channel to discuss or have a hangout in the morning to define who will work on what. 

Best and guys have a nice day

Jens Holze
CEO bloopark systems 


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