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Re: Odoo Migration Hackday at bloopark

Vauxoo, Nhomar Hernández
- 07/11/2017 18:16:13

bloopark team is trying to focus their effort to achieve an specific goal, let's not try to make it bigger than what they are willing to contribute to **yet**.

-- @bloopark team.

I am worried about the branding only, try to not convert this event in a marketing event instead a real goal oriented event, for that we have other spaces (I am giving my vote of trust to you now).

IMHO you should contribute first to the normal flow inside OCA to be sure your team has the skills to follow the technical process (I can't find too much PR's from your team to OCA repositories, but I am sure I did not look well).

I like the idea of **stay little stay focused**

-- @bloopark team:

Can you invite, support at least 1 member of the team of PSC/openupgrade to your Sprint to be sure you have all the support and your work finish the sprint mergeable?

Regards, and all our support with that!

Nhomar Hernandez
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On Tue, Nov 7, 2017 at 9:47 AM, Frederik Kramer <> wrote:
Hi Jens, 

great idea, but shouldn't we try to organize a larger code sprint such
as the ones that took place in Italy, Spain and Bruxelles also here in
Germany throughout 2018. 

I think the German OCA community (which is mostly non existing /
exceptions prove the rule) is desperately due to organize such as thing
given the presumed size of the Odoo market in Germany. 

I'd be happy to motivate my contacts to my Alma Mater to buy into that
as well but that needs some time and effort to convince staff,
professors and people. Having said this, there are basically three
alternatives i have in mind

1.) just doing a one day workshops as suggested by you (and leave my
idea for late 2018 or later)
2.) doing both a little one this year and a larger one (real code
sprint) next year (risking that not to many folks from Europe an
oversees attend)
3.) Combining force (you and me) and planning ahead for a code sprint
at the OVGU in 2018

What do you think and of course what to other folks and OCA fellows
think. Again i would be loving to host the first German sprint in 
the capital of Saxony-Anhalt, Magdeburg but that needs some planning

Kind regards


Am Dienstag, den 07.11.2017, 14:31 +0000 schrieb Jens Holze:
> Dear Community,
> first of all, we are happy to support the OCA as a gold sponsor and
> hopefully on a lot of coming events as well. 
> Because we have a lot of freedom in one of our biggest odoo projects,
> we plan to have a OpenUpgrade hack-day to continue with the stuff we
> started before the odoo experience event. We will have around 5
> developers in the team and maybe some of you guys want to join. 
> It would be really nice of someone can join, even remote. We could
> also setup a chat channel to discuss or have a hangout in the morning
> to define who will work on what. 
> Best and guys have a nice day
> -- 
> Jens Holze
> CEO bloopark systems 
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