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Re: mailchimp for odoo 10?

Axel Mendoza
- 12/10/2017 18:28:26
Hi Alexandre
I have done this integration of mass_mailing a long time ago for v8 due to a client requirement and I have never touch it again to migrate it or anything else. But feel free to test it and modify it in order to see if fit your needs. I'm doing a little migration for the new api to get it more updated
You could get it here

I have not tested for a while but I think that MailChimp 3.0 API has not changed since the module was created

Best Regards

On Thu, Oct 12, 2017 at 5:02 AM, Ermin Trevisan <> wrote:

On 10/12/17 11:17 AM, wrote:
> Hi Alexandre,
> To add another option, we developed another integration with Sendgrid
> (very similar to Mailchimp, a bit cheaper) on Odoo 10. Here is the
> pull request which is not yet merged due to lack of testers or
> reviewers (but hopefully will be at one point):
> The advantage of our integration is that we don't need to
> export/import the contacts between Odoo and Sendgrid. Everything is
> driven from Odoo using the base objects ( and as well
> mass_mailing models). It can even replace the traditional SMTP method
> of Odoo if needed (can be changed in the system settings).
> So we can create mail templates in Sendgrid and use Odoo mass mailing
> or traditional e-mail to create the content and send to the partners
> in Odoo. Tracking is also working to show the status (open/click/etc..).
> Emanuel Cino
That sounds very interesting, I try to test this during the next weeks!

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