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Re: mailchimp for odoo 10?

Twanda AG, Ermin Trevisan
- 12/10/2017 07:59:52
Hi Alexandre

My experience so far (hoping it gives some help/hints/insights):

I'm using Odoo's CE mass mailing module, even if the email templates are
not responsive and maybe not that nice and easy to create and not as
variable as for example with mailchimp, because setting up an interface
as you have mentioned (exporting contacts, importing campaign data) is
by far out of my technical reach. I do not use my own SMTP service
(postfix for example) in order to not be involved too much with all the
blacklisting/spam issues you would have to control yourself.

So far I have been using Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) as SMTP
servers in Odoo and I have setup all my customer's email domains and
verifications and DNS entries required for SPF, DKIM and DMARC. This
works fine and I get all statistics in Odoo automatically (received,
read, bounced etc.) but there are 2 pitfalls:

1. In Odoo you can't use a second SMTP server for example for mass
mailing only, so it would be simple to use just one SMTP server (in this
case the bulk SMTP server) for sending all emails. But:

2. Amazon and many other bulk SMTP providers do not allow email
relaying, therefore you can't use Amazon SES for example for your
regular Odoo mail sending for example in order to get email
notifications based on third-party emails received by Odoo (sender not

At the moment I'm manually switching the priority of the SMTP server in
Odoo for mass mailings. Hence I'm looking also into using mailgun as
SMTP, because it seems not to have the same email relaying restrictions.

But the best solution in my opinion would be an Odoo module which allows
to use a second SMTP server for mass mailing only.

HTH, trevi

twanda AG
Ermin Trevisan
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