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ebics project - proposal for new OCA repo

Noviat sa/nv, Luc De Meyer
- 06/10/2017 09:51:23

First of all I want to thank the people who attended my Odoo Experience presentation yesterday on the ebics modules.


It has been clear that the Odoo community (primarily in Germany, France and Switzerland) has been waiting on such a solution and several OCA members already volunteered to collaborate on this project.


We have the ebics connector running in production at a customer site for over a month now but there is still a lot of work to do such as

-          Testing the module with the banks of our customers and document the configuration parameters (protocol version, encryption parameters, banking formats, … ) on a per bank basis so that it becomes feasible for a non-ebics specialist to configure such a bank connection.

-          As part of the testing above: complete the file formats and associated OCA/Odoo parser config and add them to the ebics modules (doc, data files, configuration)

-          Adding a basic set of unit tests

-          Testing with Odoo V11

-          Test the different ‘signature classes’ (only the ‘Transport Signature’ is fully tested hence we need banks supporting more classes in order to test)

-          Add ir.cron jobs to download bank files automatically



In order to move forward I think it’s recommend to collaborate on this work via a separate ‘ebics’ repo.


Please let me know if this approach is ok.

I’ll also need some help to create the repo and grant initially commit rights to myself and Alexis de Lattre.




Rusatiralaan 1, 1083 Brussel

+32 2 808 86 38


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