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Re: odoo 10 and hr_expense accounting

Alexinux, Alexis de Lattre
- 06/09/2017 08:47:52

2017-09-06 0:38 GMT+02:00 Pedro M. Baeza (Tecnativa) <>:

2017-09-05 14:07 GMT+02:00 Alexandre Fayolle <>:
Hello all,

Do you know of an addon for Odoo 10 which changes the way account.moves
are generated for expenses ? currently you get 1 account move per line
in the expense sheet, which is making the accountant of my customer not
happy. Sure the refund of the expense is in 1 single move, but this
makes a lot of account moves when you have lots of employees travelling...

Lucky you, all the work has already been done (and is used in production) in the module hr_expense_usability, which is available here:

It has a full re-implementation of the generated account moves to have 1 move per expense sheet and to allow grouping. It has many more enhancements. In the same repo, you will find a module "hr_expense_private_car". There is also a module to add support for KM costs (frais kilométriques in French).

The work has been done by me with some great contributions from Stéphane Bidoul.

Alexis de Lattre