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Connection to runbot build using ssh to debug

Vauxoo, Moisés López Calderón
- 13/07/2017 17:24:58
Some times we have a error from travis tests but locally we can't reproduce it.

Currently runbot don't run tests but both environments (travis and runbot) are very similares. So maybe you can reproduce it using runbot.

Check the following example:

For this hardest cases you can use directly ssh connection for your runbot build and run manually the tests.

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NOTE: Please, don't stop the current process with the odoo running because the docker container will be stopped, better start a new one with other port.

I use the following commands:
ssh -L 18080:localhost:18069 -p 8779
cp -r ~/data_dir/filestore/openerp_template ~/data_dir/filestore/moylop260
createdb -T openerp_template moylop260
~/odoo-9.0/ -d moylop260 --db-filter= moylop260 --xmlrpc-port=18069 --stop-after-init -i MODULE_TO_TEST --test-enable

Notice that I'm using a Port Forwarding from remote 18069 to local 18080 so you can open your browse with:  http://localhost:18080 to connect for this second instance and test interface.
Happy debug and enjoy!
Moisés López Calderón
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