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Re: Regular postgres VACUUM command

Therp, Tom Blauwendraat
- 28/07/2023 11:20:49
Thanks Moises and Graeme for the detailed information!

I'm going to look at tweaking autovacuum and statistics settings for the 
busy tables. Also, whenever replacing a big chunk of data, I'll run 
ANALYSE <table> afterwards.

As for most situations the default Postgres settings are fine, and I 
can't think of any "generic" solutions other than monitoring and doing 
individual tweaks, I won't create an OCA module for it.

Parting question: can anyone recommend a visual Postgres monitoring tool 
that could ideally also work on Amazon RDS? I'm familiar with log 
parsing tools such as pgBadger, but maybe there's a tool out there 
somewhere that can give information just by connecting to the instance 
and running smart queries?