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Re: Bulk return of serials from multiple partner locations to wh/stock

Tecnativa. S. L., David Vidal
- 28/07/2023 08:14:08
Hi, George.

You might want to complement stock_return_request with its sidekicks sale_stock_return_request and purchase_stock_return_request.

The defaults are quite straight forward: you select the customer, the products that are going to be returned and then you can choose from all the deliveries which serials you'll be receiving. You can add more filters on top of that (operation type, date limit...). The only thing you need to know in advance is the products the customer is returning. When you pick the proper serials, you'll be able to:

- Make a single return picking from several delivery picking origins.
- Refund the linked sale orders at once.

David Vidal

El jue, 20 jul 2023 a las 7:31, George Daramouskas (<>) escribió:

I have a situation where a lot of lots/serials go to a lot of customers/partners and I have partial returns and need to create backorders.

As it is, I have to go to the serial and - based on the traceability - see which outgoing shipment put it in that location, start an Incoming shipment by clicking Return, leave only the serial that I care about and create backorders for the rest.

This workflow is overwhelming for the warehouse staff due to the volume of movements and I am looking for an alternative workflow, ideally:

1) New Incoming Transfer
2) Add the serials that need to come in stock added one per line
3) Have Odoo find the outgoing shipments for these shipments, create a return incoming shipment only for the serials selected (and a backorder for the rest)
4) Process the incoming shipment

This is what I am roughly looking for, I see which somewhat does what I want but not exactly since it requires me to add a From: location, among other things.

Any ideas/directions will be appreciated


George Daramouskas
Odoo Development,

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