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Re: Question about accounting certification

InitOS GmbH, Frederik Kramer
- 24/05/2017 16:22:54
Hi David,

I don't understand French but from what i got from the link you
provided is that French authorities require the good accounting
practices applied in the software and audited by an independent law and
accounting auditor (such as KMPG, PwC or any smaller of these).

However, this requirement is indeed bound to object code and can
systemically not be established for OpenSource easily. 
Moreover it will disrupt agile practices.

Nevertheless we have a similar law in practice in Germany since long
(or better said a couple of laws) but these only require companies to
prove to work inline with the good accounting practise and be able to
show that to the financial authorities by means of documentation,
explanation and direct (read) access (and any combination of those).

Having said so i believe that your french law just implemented European
law in a slightly different way than ours in Germany. Whereas we in
Germany need to provide an interface to authorities (we call that Z3
Zugriff) to enable them proving at their owns, you have to provide a
certificate granted by a accounting firm. 

Whereas we have to invest a lot into interfaces enabling this access
and being able to export data in such as way you have to invest to pay
the auditing company to grant you the certification stating everthing
is in good shape. 

I personally believe that your local law has been drawn under pressure
of french proprietary software and consultancy companies (and i should
say i would have rather expected this for Germany, given the prevalence
of Datev and SAP on our local market) but for the time being i thing
that this law will be harmonized across Europe soon (following similar
examples like in the case of Zugferd). 

Since Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Spain (afaik) all follow the
German example (i.e. good accounting practices auditible by means of an
well defined interface, export and access standards and documentation )
and this approach still retain flexibility towards the use of
OpenSource, i think and honestly hope this is gonna be the way for
France as well.

Sorry for being not too helpful but i'd rather suggest to keep calm and
wait than to be too proactive here since European legislation is likely
to change the game.

Maybe this link provides a good source of PAN-European experienced
people though

Kind regards


Am Mittwoch, den 24.05.2017, 12:07 +0000 schrieb David Verove:
> Hi,
> I am a OCA member from 2016. I don’t know where to post that message
> so I send it by email.
> In France, starting 2018, a new law will force each company to work
> with a certified software for point of sale and accounting
> management :
> DECLA-30-10-30-20160803
> I have many customers whose I don’t know what to say. I think I need
> to do something but I don’t know what.
> What is the position of OCA about that ? Odoo enterprise will provide
> a certificat but what about Odoo community ?
> Thanks,
> Regards,,
> David VEROVE
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